Music for film and podcasts


Right to Fail (2019)

Thousands of New Yorkers with severe mental illnesses won the chance to live independently in supported housing, following a 2014 federal court order. FRONTLINE and ProPublica investigate what’s happened to people moved from adult homes into apartments and find more than two dozen cases in which the system failed, sometimes with deadly consequences.


Spacebridge (2019)

Produced by Radiotopia, Spacebridge is a podcast that tells a largely-forgotten saga of the late Cold War, when despair about the prospects of a nuclear conflict gripped the world. Both Soviets and Americans grasped at emerging communication technology via satellite and early Internet “spacebridges” that brought together citizen diplomats ranging from New Agers to tech-enthusiasts to astronauts. The urge to “just connect” helped tilt the world from top-down broadcasting to the more horizontal, Internet-levelled society where we all now live…for better and/or for worse.


The Reason We’re Still Here (2018)

Residents of Youngstown, Ohio, take on the fracking companies that have poisoned their drinking water and destroyed their economy.  Over the last decade, the Rust Belt city has become increasingly divided between those in support of job development and those who seek to protect access to clean drinking water. The Reason We're Still Here provides a unique window into the lives of union members, community organizers and residents on each of these conflicting sides, raising the question of whether economic livelihood must exist in opposition to a healthy and safe environment.