Live Music / Music for Dance

Two Surreal Creatures Floating
Choreographed by Louise Wurzelbacher
Music by Griffin Jennings
Performed by Micaela Pirzio-Biroli
Video by Sophia Attebery
created for the Cleveland Museum of Art inspired by Gerome Kamrowski’s “Script for an Impossible Documentary: Part I - The Great Invisibles” (1945)


A World Without Substances or Essences for Trio + Drones
Composed by Griffin Jennings
Premiered April 30th, 2017 at Stull Recital Hall in Oberlin, OH
Adlai Reinhart: Trumpet
Margaret McCarthy: Bass
Ko Takasugi-Czernowin: Drum Kit
Kelsey Burnham: Flute
Dustin Lin: Clarinet
Camille Vogley-Howes: Violin
Griffin Jennings: Guitar


Duo Improvisation
A dance and sound improvisation performed by Griffin Jennings and Karsten Jurkiewicz.


Performed by Teague Harvey, Kara Nepumuceno, and Casey Labbate
Choreographed by Tian Yoon Teh and Karsten Jurkiewicz
Music by Griffin Jennings
Performed in Wilder Main Space Oberlin, OH May 2nd, 2017



Studio Recording of Oberlin Improvisation and Newmusic Collective (OINC). Recorded at the TIMARA Studio 2 in November 2015.

Natty Baker-Salisbury, no-input EQ
Hunter Brown, electronics
Jonah Haven, piano
Gabriel Hawes, electronics
Griffin Jennings, recording/mixing engineer
Greg Manuel, flute
Jackie Milestone, electronics
Joe Misterovich, electronics
Joo Won Park, director
Isaac Pearl, bass
Louis Pino, percussion